Ally and Madisen

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rachel. She was a princess in the Biblio Kingdom. Her father, King Liam, and her mother, Queen Amelia, believed that their daughter would rule the kingdom one day. Rachel, however, did not want to be royalty; she wanted to be a scholar and study literature through the ages. Her ancestors gave the family a trove of books, in which she found her passion, and she wanted to teach others about literature and share her love for reading. She also wanted to teach students about literature from lands far away. One sunny morning in October, Rachel ran to her family library. She was finally eighteen, which meant one specific thing: she has access to the entire family library, except for one certain book. Her parents told her every fortnight before she turned eighteen that there was one book in the library, written in Latin, which she was not permitted to touch. She grabbed the key from the tray, which her servant left this morning for her. She opened the door to the library and, with a loud creak, the door opened. To her amazement, she saw the copious amounts of books of all sizes and colors. One book, upon the highest shelf, tucked away in the corner, emitted a faint golden glow. She drifted towards this one book, and climbed up the shelf to get it down. When she got to the top, she plucked the book from the shelf. It shone in her hands like the sun. She got back down from the shelf and looked at the title: “Dracones et Custodes Vestibuli.” She did not know the language in which the book was written, as she had never encountered it before. She began by looking at the table of contents. She saw a section entitled “Vocare Quam Draco.” She flipped to the page and began reading what was on it: “Opto, opto, in toto corde meo, in terra dracones cum volare seorsum.” Rachel repeated this phrase two more times, and suddenly, what appeared in the window was completely unexpected: a five story tall, fire-breathing, angry dragon, with red scales and glowing, beady, yellow eyes. She dropped the book in shock and before it hit the floor, the dragon broke his head through the window. She tried to back away from the window, but ended up in a corner. The dragon, using his disgustingly long tongue, snatched her from the corner and devoured her in one bite. The dragon pulled his head out of the window, screeched, and flapped his mighty wings. The dragon flew away and lived happily ever after.

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