Beauty and the Chad

Written by Giana LoCurto, Sophia Parada, Victoria Johanson

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. Her name was Jess, and she lived in a town ruled by a powerful king, Chad, who had his best interest in mind. His selfish nature caused him to be resented by the citizens. He spent most of his time away and locked in his mansion on the mountain top; the peak of town. This estate was guarded by the most vicious dragons and gargoyles, to ensure that no commoners could enter. Secretly though, this harsh man had a soft spot for Jess. He admired how hard she worked at her job at the local library, how she loved and cared for her family, and took her younger siblings to school everyday. Of course, he also thought she was the most beautiful girl in town. He thought there was no way that she would fall for someone like him.

One day after Jess was finished with work, a guard from the mansion approached her on her way home and handed her a letter. As she took it, she noticed the royal emblem on the front. It was a letter from the king inviting her to the castle for dinner. Shocked and intrigued, she put on her favorite dress and walked over. As she approached the castle, the guard dragons became suspicious, and planned their attack. Before they could hurt her, Chad ordered them to stop, as Jess was invited. He apologized and explained that he doesn’t have visitors very often. Chad gave Jess a tour around the castle, as she was amazed by what she was seeing.

Chad brought Jess up to the library, knowing she loved to read. She was in awe, she had never seen so many books in her life. As she perused through the selection, the dragon approached the window and gave her a vicious stare. As her back was turned, he broke through the window and was ready to strike. Chad, seeing what was about to happen, took over in a heroic moment of bravery and saved Jess by standing in front of her and demanded the dragon to leave her alone! At this moment, Jess was so grateful for Chad, and began to fall for him. 

In the time after, Chad and Jess grew close, got married, and lived happily ever after. And funny enough, the dragon and Jess formed a bond. He now protects Jess and Chad, and won’t let anything happen to them.  The end.


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