Antonia and Julia

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who loved to read. Princess Catherine spent most of her day in the castle library hiding from her stepmother, the Queen. The Queen was not jealous of Catherine’s beauty or her brains she wanted what Catherine loved most-her Prince Gabriel. After the death of Catherine’s father the Queen, unloved by her kingdom, sought revenge as like Catherine she had once had a great love whom she was forced to abandon for the king. One day while Catherine was reading and Gabriel was out riding the Queen sent a dragon after the young princess. The dragon lurked in the window as the young princess read her favorite books. It soon began breaking the structure of the castle and the princess was trapped in a once safe place. But just as the princess thought it was over, Prince Gabriel returned with a magical shield, having heard the Queen and her huntsman plotting the death of Catherine days before. As Gabriel came to the princess’ aid the dragon blew fire at the young couple but quickly shrunk away in fear of the shield. This shield was crafted by a witch to not only be fire proof but to send the fire back to where it came from. Soon the dragon was covered in its own fire and fell to the ground in defeat. The subjects of the Queen learned quickly of her evil plan and began demanding she leave. Knowing she could no longer rule safely the Queen fled, swearing to return one day for her kingdom and revenge. In the safety of a new castle Princess Catherine and Prince Gabriel wed in front of all the subjects and everyone lived happily ever after.

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