Cinderella in Contemporary Times

The fairytale “Cinderella” can be compared to contemporary times because of the presence of the theme vanity. In “Cinderella”, her two step-sisters dwell on their outside appearance. They want to be dressed in the most beautiful gowns, have their hair and makeup perfectly done, they try to cinch their waist with corsets, and want to be viewed as the most beautiful when they walk into a room. This can be compared to contemporary times with social media. By people posting their “picture perfect” lives, even when their life  isn’t all that perfect, makes other people question their self worth and body image. When scrolling through your feed you come across people who you may think are prettier, skinnier, or someone who is just living a “better” life than you, which may make you think you need to change yourself to fit that standard of beauty. This is why so many people go through poor self image and body image because they are constantly comparing themselves to people online who’s posts make it seem as if their life is perfect, but in reality also have insecurities and going through their own struggles. The major lesson present both in “Cinderella” and in contemporary times is that we must not compare our appearances to others because we are all beautiful just being ourselves.              


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