College Fairytale – LRRH – Lindsey, Anthony, and Matt

There once was a girl who was a freshman in college. To get to school everyday, she would take a shuttle bus that would drop her off directly at the entrance. The shuttles ran every 15 minutes and left from a church lot down the road. Although the girl was driving a majority of the distance to get to school, as a freshman, she wasn’t permitted to park on campus. This left the church lot as her best option.

Each and every morning, the girl would receive a call from her mother on the way to school, frequently to be warned about being cautious on the roads and to be careful when interacting with any strangers at the church. The girl would always try to stop her mother from worrying due to the fact that she’s never encountered any problems before, but her mother still urged her to make safe decisions.

One day after parking in the lot, a man quite noticeably older than her approached and made a joke about the size of her backpack. He asked what she could possibly have in a bag that big and heavy, and where she was off to. It seemed like a normal conversation to her, so despite her mother’s warnings, she answered his questions. She told him about all the books she had in her bag and that she was off to class at St. Joseph’s College. He proceeded to ask how she was getting there, only to discover she was taking the shuttle that came around every 15 minutes. With that, the girl, who was now running late, said goodbye to the man and went on her way to the campus. Fifteen minutes later, the man decided to hop onto the next shuttle bus and went over to the campus.

While there, the man eventually found the girl and began following her around through the hallways. She hadn’t noticed he had been behind her, and only later found out when glancing at her reflection in a window nearby. She saw his figure and had no idea what he was doing at her school, especially when she knew he wasn’t enrolled as a student. She quickly became frightened and started yelling at the man for stalking her. Hearing such loud noises in the halls, 2 security guards ran out of their office to diffuse the situation. The girl informed them of what had happened and asked for help. The security guards called the police and had the man arrested.

From that day on, the girl refused to talk to any strangers at the church lot, and promised to take her mother’s warnings more seriously.

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