Color War by Gianna Dickson & Haley Kastendieck

Once upon a time there lived two beautiful mythical creatures. There was a unicorn named Slate. He is a powerful unicorn who is involved with the ice and cold. Slate’s best friend is a dragon named Scarlet. Scarlet is the opposite of Slate and has powers with fire and heat. Although they are opposites, they attract. One’s weakness is the other’s strength. You can find the best friends along the beach, usually scouring the marshes for hidden treasures. 

One day, Slate was digging her horn into the ground to sort through the sand and rocks for something of value. Something shiny caught the eye of Scarlet, who had been watching intently. After ordering her to wait, Scarlet used her powers to burn the leaves and branches twisted around the item. A spoon was uncovered, shiny and spotless with touches of emerald green.

“We could trade this for something of value…” Scarlet noted, while Slate cheered, 

“We’re going to be rich!”

After Slate had secured the treasure in her mouth, the two continued searching, to no avail. They decided to call it a day, and headed back to the brook where they slept in the inner corner of a tree trunk.

On the other side of the brook, lived a girl in this magical story. Her name was Lavender. She was ditzy and always had her head in the clouds. She was always wandering around the world until one day she walked right into the hands of a wretched witch named Obsidian. 

“Hello pretty girl. What are you doing in this part of town?” Said Obsidian.

“Hi ma’am. I was just wandering around looking for something interesting.” Lavender told her. 

“Well you came to the right place. Why don’t you come inside and I can show you these seashells and gems I’ve found.” 

“That sounds wonderful.” 

The silly girl had fallen right into the witch’s trap. She follows Obsidian inside. The witch shows her the collection of seashells and gems. One gem on a string caught the young girl’s eye. 

“It’s so beautiful.” Lavender says not able to take her eyes off of it. 

“Here try it on.” Obsidian suggests.

Once the gem was tied around the girl’s neck she was placed in a trance. The gem was magical and the witch used its power to put the girl in a trance so that she would only follow Obsidian’s instructions. 

“Now go you stupid girl, and find me my Spoon of Emerson.” The witch pointed her in the direction of the beach. 

The girl immediately obliged and set out on the beach to find the spoon. 

As Slate and Scarlet are trotting down the beach they see a house. They decide that the house is where they should go to trade the gem. On their journey they pass by a girl. The girl has white glazed eyes and is digging around. The two don’t think much of it and continue walking on their journey. They reach the house but before they knock they overhear a screeching voice. The witch was overjoyed. 

“Once I find that Spoon of Emerson I can throw that girl into my potion and mix it with the magical spoon and I’ll have my potion to take over the world!” 

Slate and Scarlet look at each other in horror as the witch’s evil laugh rings through the air. Slate and Scarlet rush back to the marsh in search of the girl. When they reached the shaded brook, the creatures couldn’t see the girl but a massive hole dug where they normally reside. Next to the hole lie heaps of sand and trinkets that have been ignored. As they approach the hole, they are surprised to find the girl still digging, covered in sand and scrapes from broken shells. 

“We have to do something!” cried Slate, 

“That stone is very powerful, we must not act irrationally.” Scarlet chastised, and they retreated back to the brook to brainstorm ideas. They decided that their powers were necessary in defeating the stone. They needed to relinquish the powers and free the girl, without letting her see the spoon. 

As night started to fall, the girl was still digging. The two approached the hole, seeing that the girl had hit water, and was surrounded by crabs. Despite her bloody feet, the entranced girl was not concerned and continued clawing her fingers through the sand. Removing the spoon from her mouth, Slate hid the item in the dirt, where Scarlet guarded. She approached the hole, and with a gush of air, unleashed her cooling abilities upon the girl, freezing her in place. 

Scarlet kept a look out for anyone passing by, before approaching the girl’s body, and directing his fire breath at her neck where the stone lay. Careful not to burn Lavender, he exuded all his force, until the magical stone had cracked into a million pieces.

Under the sheet of ice, they noted the girl’s eyes, which had returned to their ocean blue color. The dragon started to melt the ice around her, while Slate discarded the fragments into the water. They had to act quickly, so as to not scare the girl when she woke up.

Upon her eyes opening, the spoon starts to move. The three jump out of the way unsure of what is happening. Suddenly the spoon bursts out of the ground and floats in the air. The broken pieces of the stone and the spoon combine to form a rainbow. The rainbow shoots off in the direction of the witch’s house and in a burst of color the witch is gone and the house is transformed into a beautiful home for Slate, Scarlet, and Lavender to live. The two mythical creatures will look after the innocent girl and make sure she is never to walk into any witches’ trap again. 




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