Contemporary Little Red Riding Hood

The story of Little Red Riding Hood has many connections to contemporary experiences. The idea of Little Red Riding Hood getting distracted by the wolf in the woods and being friendly to him has a direct correlation to the modern world of children being friendly to strangers, in which some strangers may have bad intentions. The mother had told Little Red Riding Hood not to “stray from the path” just as parents tell their kids not to “talk to strangers”’. We hear many times where kids are kidnapped because they are gullible and talk to people that they do not know just like Little Red Riding Hood had done. The wolf had taken advantage of Little Red Riding Hood’s kindness and how gullible she was, leading him to be able to distract her so that he could eventually eat her. He talks about enjoying the beautiful nature to distract her just like some strangers use candy or toys to distract the child. This leads them to being kidnapped or taken advantage of in which it is too late for the child to try to get help. In many instincts, we also see the older generation being just as gullible as children in which Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother graciously lets the wolf into her home. In many modern times, grandparents will believe anything that they hear and they always try to help and see the good in people. This is why many grandparents during this time are scammed for money because people know that they are the most gullible and are the easiest to trick. The last connection of Little Red Riding Hood to contemporary experiences is the idea that the mother trusted and felt comfortable enough to let her young daughter walk to her grandmother’s house in the middle of the woods alone. This relates to parents leaving their child home alone at a young age or not paying attention to them at a park in which it is very easy for them to be tricked by strangers leading to bad consequences. Some parents now worry a lot for their children and their safety, especially around boys who are more known to take advantage of their daughter. However, other parents seem to be easy going and trust that society is morally right meaning no one would ever do anything bad to their daughter. This shows the connection of the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood to contemporary experiences that we face today.

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