Contemporary views in Little Red Riding Hood

The story of “Little Red Riding Hood” has been passed on to many generations, through many different versions and variations. This impactful story shares perception of children as naive and easily manipulated targets of predators such as older males, as represented through the wolf. These retellings serve to educate young women on the dangerous people in our environment, as well as depict how children and women are seen as weaker in society. This transcends to contemporary views as now more than ever are abductions, kidnapping, and sex trafficking that are consistently becoming more prevalent in the world. As the world continually advances, so are new ways of committing these horrible crimes to the most vulnerable groups: children and the elderly. The view of age as a dependent of whether or not you can defend and take care of yourself is also a common theme that is still relevant today, which many kids still experience today in being ridiculed for trying to participate in serious matters and for their ideas. There have been many strides for women since these versions have come out in legal abilities and social norms that have been constructed, however the dangers of sexual attacks are still ever present. Ultimately, while men and boys also can fall victim, women always need to take more precautions in their environment to avoid “wolfs” being the predators in our society today.

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