Fairy tale based on Cinderella- by Ally and Madisen


There once was a young girl, who was one of the hardest workers and most dedicated students her teachers had ever met. She was a high school senior, faced with the daunting task of getting good grades, getting high scores on standardized tests and applying to college. The young girl had good grades but desired to go to one of the top schools in her country. The guidance counselor, had said that with her grades she was just bound to be an average college student, not being smart enough to go to such distinguished schools. However, her counselor, failed to realize there was already an amazing school near where she lived, called Saint Joseph’s College.

  The girl began applying to schools, not entirely giving up her goal to be accepted into some top schools, but began to realize St. Joe’s would be the best option for her. After receiving all of the results from the colleges, she now had to make the big decision. St Joe’s kept looking like the best option. It was close to home, affordable and had a friendly open feeling.

She fell in love and decided she would attend St. Joe’s. She went to open house, admitted student day and student orientation and realized that she could not have chosen a better college!

She began attending her first semester as a biology major. Although it was hard work to maintain her grades, she was pleased with the education she was receiving thus far and was excited to get to know so many people and get involved in her school.

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