Fairy Tale Music

I have posted both versions, the music video and the more upbeat arrangement, of  Fairytale by Sara Bareilles. I have been listening to this song for years but in context with the class reading it addresses those themes of passivity and male framing. This song focuses on the tendency for fairytale princesses to have little to no agency in their lives often going with the prince because it is a better option than staying. In its description and video representation of the characters, it draws influence from the original and Disney versions of the tales.  It discusses Cinderella and her failing marriage to a prince she didn’t know, Snow White and her obligation to serve [ the dwarfs], Rapunzel and how the prince found and picked her while she was ostensibly minding her business.  I think she chose fairy tales as a vehicle to discuss a feminist perspective about her ability to choose something better than the next option, the love story, for two reasons. The first is the familiarity everyone holds for these tales making them an analogy that most people can follow. The second is the happy ending associated with them and how she opens the idea that maybe these endings aren’t really happy or at least not as happy as they could be.

Sara Bareilles – Fairytale Version 2

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