The Dragon Curse Angela and Michael

Once upon a time there was a prince,  John, who was cursed by a witch and turned into a dragon. He was shunned by his kingdom due to his new form and thus he went off into the forest in an attempt to sustain himself.

He remained a gentle and quiet soul despite his new form and thus despite his size often went unnoticed. He built a quiet residence for himself and despite missing his human form he was contented. One day he was moving through his section of the forest when he overheard a conversation between three witches. It was said that there is a spell book that will turn him back into a man.

So, he starts to search castles and villages for rooms of books hoping to find the spell to fix him. He becomes obsessed in his search and it consumes all of his time. One day, he comes across a room of book and begin his search he finally sees the long awaited spell book and goes to reach for it. His eye begins to glow and he is forced backward causing him to roar in pain.

He had found the way to undo his curse but it was warded so he could never get to it. Angered by this false hope, he rampages and destroys the castle. When John sees the damage,  he realizes he had become the monster he had been forced to live as and thus was truly defeated by the curse.

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