Fairy Tales and Weddings

Fairy tales have had a drastic impact on our interpretation of marriage and weddings. Most people have experienced, or have observed little girls dreaming of the most beautiful wedding night, just like the ones portrayed in the fairy tales. Of course, this dream is inspired mostly by the Disney depiction of fairy tales, but nevertheless, fairy tales are still the driving factor in wanting such a grand wedding. If you look up fairy tale weddings, you will see beautiful decorations and sparkling, large wedding dresses often resembling aspects of “Beauty and the Beast”, “Cinderella” and even more Disney influenced fairy tales. Fairy tales often instill the fact that weddings and marriage is so beautiful and perfect. They are the example that most people want to follow with the term “and they lived happily ever after” ingrained in our culture and society. Of course, as we grow up, we know this is not always the case. No marriage, or even the weddings, are as perfect as these fairy tales lead us to believe.


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