Fairytale based on Rumpelstiltskin – Julia, Antonia, & Jeana

Once upon a time there lived a young college girl named Emily. She was the most beautiful girl in all of St. Joseph’s College. For all of her life, Emily had a dream to be the first member of her family to graduate college, as she wanted to become a doctor someday. However, the young girl’s family was very poor, and her father had just lost his job. To make matters worse, Emily had just discovered that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Jack’s child. 

While studying in the library one day, Emily was approached by a strange older man as she was studying calculus. He noticed that she was visibly upset about something, so he sat down to comfort her. After the young girl explained the difficulty of her homework among all of her other problems, the strange man offered to do her homework for her. After finding out that the man was forced to walk everywhere because he didn’t have a car, Emily was so appreciative that she offered to drive him home. 

Three days later, Emily sat in the library and was struggling to complete her chemistry homework. Again, she was approached by the same man from the other day. He promised that he was excellent at chemistry and completed all of her work for her just like the last time. To show her appreciation, Emily dug through her backpack to find the cash she had earned at her job the previous day. She used the money to buy the man some food from the cafeteria, as he was very poor as well and could not afford meals. 

A few weeks later, Emily sat in the library crying again. However, this time, it was not about her schoolwork, but about her rapidly approaching due date. The man again tried to comfort her, but failed. Emily knew that she could never raise a baby, as she was so poor and trying to complete college in order to become a doctor. The man then offered to take her baby from her once it was born. Emily knowing she couldn’t take care of the baby and continue her studies agreed. The man was overjoyed as was Emily who knew her baby would be raised far away from all her struggles. 

However, by the time the baby was born Emily’s life had turned around. Her father had recently gotten a new, better paying job, her boyfriend who had left her had a change of heart and wanted to help raise their child. So Emily no longer had any reason for the man to take her child. He did not like this so much as Emily had agreed to give up the child. He gave her one last chance to make things right. If Emily can guess his major the child is hers; if not the baby leaves with him. 

Emily and Jack began asking people from all over campus if they knew this man. People had seen him but never in their major program. So the first night she was allowed to guess Emily asked the man if his major was calculus or chemistry as those were the subjects he helped her with. The man laughed at these responses and offered her one more day to find out his major. 

So Emily and Jack’s friends and family began to broaden their search to other campuses. On the second night Emily decided to lean toward the humanities and guess English and History. The man laughed yet again and offered her one last chance. 

The next night Emily was prepared. A cousin who had seen the man on her Stony Brook campus had been following him for the last day. It turned out he did not have a major afterall. He had graduated several years earlier and was working alongside another professor in a psychological study. When Emily told the man of her findings he smiled and explained his and his partner’s study. 

Emily and Jack went on to raise a beautiful little girl. Emily finished her schooling and became a psychologist instead of a doctor working alongside the man studying child attachment.


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