Fairytales in Advertising – Matthew Lopez

Its interesting to see how elements of fairytales are still used in the modern world. In the video example presented, the company Ford uses the magic and fairy aspect to make a unique and quite humorous commercial to show off its latest model if the Lincoln. In addition, it makes the claim that it shouldn’t take fairytale magic to get the car you want and that Ford makes these seemingly unrealistic possibilities come true.


In this second advertisement by the insurance company Geico, the Three Little Pigs fairytale is modified to show how good their insurance is. To sum it up, the company states that even in unlikely events like ” a wolf blowing your house down”,  Geico will cover the damage and do it at an affordable price.

In both examples, we can see how the elements of fairytales told generations ago continue to reappear in different forms to bring light and joy into not just our personal lives, but in our public lives as well.

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