Fairytales in Fashion

Fairytales have such a powerful impact on the world that we live in today and we don’t even realize it. They’re seen everywhere in advertisements, commercials, music, movies, tv shows and even in fashion. I mean who wouldn’t want to dress up and feel like a princess everyday in the clothes that they wear? Many fashion lines have been created to mimic certain fairytales and a popular one is Lauren Conrad’s Cinderella line. After the live action Cinderella had been released into theaters, Conrad had created this line and it had an overwhelming success. She was partnered up with Kohls which helped to sell this line and advertise its enchanting styles. The collection is dreamy, feminine and pretty just like any fairytale. The power of fairytales and the idea of being magical and beautiful that they emphasize allows for clothing lines such as this one to be so successful.

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