Final Blog Post: Why do Fairy Tales Matter?

Throughout history, fairy tales have served as a form of entertainment, not only for children, but for adults as well. Most people think of fairy tales as a children’s story, not containing any controversial or compelling aspects. However, fairy tales are much more than a form of entertainment for children and adults. As a result of taking this course, it became clear that fairy tales serve a much more intricate purpose in the readers lives. Fairy tales are a great source of entertainment, whether it be through story telling, literary fairy tales or films. However the content in these tales is what really is so captivating to the audience. Fairy tales contain aspects of magic and fantasy that are not present in the real world. Through these stories, children are able to fantasize about the possibilities of the world and work through their own conflicts. Fairy tales allow children and adults to escape from their realities and enter a made up world. Fairy tales also help children work through their own problems, whether it be socially or internally. These tales teach consequences and moral lessons, even if it is not obvious to the reader. These are the reasons why fairy tales matter, for all people. They are not just silly little stories, but are a transformation through history,the traditions and aspects that societies have possessed over time.

Through this course, I learned that fairy tales were not always intended for children to read. Some of these tales contain complex and inappropriate themes that were not even written for children, although if young children were to read them, these concepts would probably go over their head anyway. What interested me the most about this course was how much these tales have changed throughout history. The ones we read were so different from the Disney versions, which were the ones I was most familiar with. It is amazing but also so shocking the way Disney has created its company, that our only knowledge of the popular tales is of the Disney ones, not the ones that have rewritten through Grimm’s, Perrault or created by Hans Christian Andersen. Something we should have done in this class would be to discuss what each tale could teach somebody, whether it be morally or just cautionary, in order to tie back into how fairy tales are beneficial for children. I also think it would have been interesting to if not watch a whole movie, watch clips of movies to compare the texts we read to the films that have been created.

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