Final Exam Blog Project-Kelechi Egbuziem

Ever since I was a child I have been familiar with fairytales, but throughout this semester I have learned more about fairy tales than I can imagine. Fairy tales have many different purposes, one of these purposes is entertainment. Although fairy tales are more popular in younger crowds, they are an important means of entertainment that excites one’s imagination for people of all ages. Another important aspect of fairy tales are the important messages they convey to the readers. Every fairy tale has a lesson that can be beneficial to the reader, these lessons allow fairy tales to be incorporated into our lives. One thing I did not enjoy about fairy tales is how repetitive and at times unrealistic they are. Many of the fairy tales explored in class had similar “happily ever after” endings. The fairy tale that interested me the most was Puss in Boots. Fortunately for me I was able to research this specific fairy tale for my essay. This fairy tale is not not your stereotypical fairy tale because Puss’ negative behaviors were rewarded. My least favorite fairy tale was Beauty and the Beast because I did not like the way the Beast acted to get Beauty to fall in love with him.

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