Final Exam Blog Project – Sophia Parada

Through this course, I have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for fairy tales. I enjoyed learning about tales that I have not heard of before, such as “The Juniper Tree.” I also enjoyed learning about the original versions of tales that I only knew from Disney movies. Folk tales and fairy tales have a very rich history and have spanned many generations. They are a reflection of humanity as they work to help us make sense of and find meaning in our everyday lives. They cover difficult topics in a format that is easy for people of all ages to comprehend. In the present-day, fairy tales are usually read to children, so I was surprised to find out that some of the tales originally had aspects that were not appropriate for children. What interested me most about our class was our group discussions about each of the fairy tales. Everyone’s comments and interpretations were very enlightening and I enjoyed hearing different perspectives or aspects that I had not picked up on when reading myself. I was also very interested in the connections that could be made between fairy tales and our current society. I think something that would be worthwhile doing with the next class would be to do more projects where everyone creates their own fairy tale. I thought those projects were fun and I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and seeing how creative they were. I really enjoyed taking this class and it has increased my interest in fairy tales.

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