Final post. by: Jadyn Barlow

Why do fairy tales matter? I think that fairy tales matter because they offer us an escape from reality. In a fairy tale a poor housemaid can marry a prince, beasts can be redeemed and animals can talk. Fairytales appeal to everyone of any age who wants to get lost in a story. Fairy tales had a huge impact on modern tropes in literature nowadays. Something I learned that surprised me was just how many adaptations of Fairy tales there are. I never realized how even across different cultures, people tell the same classic stories, and I think that is really special. Overall I really enjoyed looking at the deeper meanings in the stories, and examining the common symbols and themes. I wish we were able to have watched more movies because I think that it helps to visually see the story. I truly learned a lot from this class and I discovered a new appreciation for Folk tales and Fairy tales.

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