Final Reflection by Madalyn York

After taking this freshman seminar on Folk Tales & Sorcery, I truly believe that fairy tales do matter. They bring us happiness and give us a source of imagination. They teach us many valuable lessons and morals that will help us throughout our everyday lives. The thing that I learned about fairy tales that surprised me is that a lot of fairy tales have things in common with each other and cover the same themes. For example, some themes in Snow White are found in Hansel & Gretel, and Cinderella. The thing that was interesting in this class was that I was able to take a fairy tale, and find details that relate to our lives or many themes that relate to the story. The thing that we missed/forgot to do in class was finish the fairy tale book. I really wanted to read more fairy tales. One thing that I really wanted to do in this class, if we had the time, was watch a couple of episodes of Once Upon A Time and see if we can relate it to the actual fairy tales. Maybe you should do this for your next class. Thank you so much for making this an exciting and interesting seminar. I now have a new perspective for fairy tales.

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