George Cruikshank

George Cruikshank, born September 27th, 1792, was an English artist and illustrator. He was the son of another illustrator, Isaac Cruikshank. In his teens, George Cruikshank became well-known for his political cartoons. He began illustrating his first book in 1820, and it is estimated that in his life, he illustrated over 850 books. Cruikshank’s most popular illustrations were those he drew for Oliver Twist (1838). He also published his own books, such as The Comic Almanack (1835-1853). In the late 1840s, Cruikshank became a well-known advocate for the temperance movement, for which he illustrated The Bottle (1847) and The Drunkard’s Children (1848). One of his last pieces was a large painting entitled The Worship of Bacchus, which he worked on from 1860 to 1863. He died February 1st, 1878.

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