Gianna Dickson- Final Reflection

Fairy tales matter. They matter not only for children but for everyone of all ages. Fairy tales like all stories are meant to entertain their audience. They are also meant to teach a moral that will have a lasting impact on the audience. Throughout this course and the numerous fairy tales that were read there were many lessons learned. The fairy tales taught that promises are important, to give someone a chance, good things come to those who wait, be kind to everyone, do not judge someone by their appearance, and do not be greedy. There are many other lessons, these are just a few. Fairy tales can teach lessons to children at a young age. They can help them figure out their own problems and learn about the world and themselves. Fairy tales can also remind adults of lessons they may have forgotten along the way. These tales also help to entertain. The surface of the tale obviously entertains children. The surface is also an escape from reality for adults but when adults look further they can laugh at the simplicity of the tale and how reality would never end up that way. Fairy tales matter to everyone and they are a key to not only entertainment and childhood but leaving a lasting moral. 

The topic that interested me most was actually the movie Spirited Away. It is captivating to see how fairy tales have been interpreted and modified into new stories. Spirited Away has similar themes to fairytales and of course has a happy ending. Some of these themes include the power of words and names, good v. evil, and greed. Spirited Away was a very compelling movie that connects to the realm of fairy tales. 

For the future I believe that looking into more folk tales, myths and legends could enhance the course. The course is called Folk Tales: Secrets and Sorcery so looking at more myths and legends could add to the course and follow the name more. I think it would be more interesting to look at more of the fairy tales and the less well known ones instead of some of the readings about the history of the tales. Overall I enjoyed the course and learning all about fairy tales.


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