Giselle the Sea Mermaid, By Hanna and Kelechi

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl named Giselle who had been trapped by the coast of the ocean in a castle decorated with beautiful flowers for centuries. Every day, she would daydream about returning home to the waters that she once lived in. She was born as a mermaid and loved everyone and everything under the sea but her love for flowers was unmatched. One day, She wandered too far from her home and was lured into the forbidden cave of the wicked sea witch. The wicked sea witch was known by all as an envious mermaid who knew everything about every sea creature. She was feared by all because of her hideous appearance and the spells she would cast on people she was envious of. The attention Giselle was getting because of her stunning appearance and popularity angered the wicked witch. The witch derived a plan to banish her to erase competition under the sea. The witch’s plan was to create the most beautiful flower that anyone has ever set eyes on that would turn a sea creature into a land dwelling creature for life by the simplest touch. After the flower was made all the witch had to do was wait for Giselle to come close to her forbidden cave. After a lot of waiting the witches dream came true when Giselle wandered too close to the witches cave and laid eyes on the beautiful flower, because of her love of flowers she did not hesitate to touch the flower. As she touched the flower she realized that she couldn’t breathe which was strange because she never had trouble breathing, she then realized she couldn’t swim which was strange because she never had trouble swimming. Giselle then looked down and realized that she no longer had a beautiful tail but had two legs. Giselle quickly passed out. The wicked witch witnessed all of this with a sinister smile. The wicked witch quickly cast a second spell on Giselle which placed her in a castle on the mainland for eternity. Giselle eventually woke up and to her disdain she was in a random castle that she had never seen before outside the comfort of the sea. Giselle screamed for help but no one could hear her wailing. Centuries later Giselle is still in the castle and still yells for help every day to no avail.

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