Illustrators: A Quick Look At Virginia Frances Sterrett

Virginia Frances Sterrett was a famous American illustrator born in 1900 who grew up with a passion for drawing. She lived in Chicago, Illinois and at the age of 15 enrolled in high school while also earning membership in the Art Institute of Chicago. Unfortunately, she was forced to put her dreams on hold when her mother became ill. Sterrett later became diagnosed with tuberculosis as well. Although she was sick, Sterrett was able to make a name for herself in the world of children’s literature. Some of her first works were published in a collection of stories called “Old French Fairy Tales and was later hired by Penn Publishing Company to create illustrations for “Tanglewood Tales”, another collection of fairytales she helped bring to life.

Although she lived a short thirty years, Sterrett made a great impact on the world of fairytales. Sterrett illustration of “One Thousand And One Nights” is very vibrant and colorful and just shows how much time and detail was put into each of Sterrett’s drawings. Another image drawn for The Old French Fairytales depicts a big, beautifully patterned tortes carrying an equally beautiful woman through a forest. This image highlights the importance the animal-human interactions were in many fairytales; her images really help to capture the scene and represent Sterrett’s vivid imagination.



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