Illustrators-Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac is a French and British illustrator. Most of his artwork can be found in magazines, books and on stamps. He was born in 1882 and originally studied law before going to École des Beaux-Arts (National School for Fine Arts) for art. After moving to Great Britain Dulac began two partnerships. Leicester Gallery commissioned his illustrations, which were sold in their exhibits and Hodder and Stoughton published them in books, one every year. It is through this that Dulac began illustrating fairy tales like The Arabian Nights (1907) and Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales (1910). He later helped design the stamps for the reigns of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. Dulac died in May of 1953 of a heart attack at 70 years old.

Queen of the Ebony Isles- The Arabian Nights

In the above picture I think Dulac captures the idea of Arabian people but also misses lots of Arabia itself. The women is very well done and displays dress ware common of the area of which she comes from. What I wish he would have incorporated was more of a background. The orange makes the woman stand out as was likely his intention but even something small behind her would have made the picture more interesting and grab people’s attention more.

She Saved The Prince

I think the above picture has great detail and perfectly fits the idea of the Little Mermaid. The sea has a lot of detail which makes it is clear that the prince (who appears unconscious) is in need of saving. As well the headpiece on the girl’s (who represents the little mermaid) head separates her from him. This showcases the difference in gender as well as the fact that she may be a different creature. I think it would be interesting if Dulac had shown a part of her tail lifted somewhere in the water rather than just from her shoulders up. It would have further added to the idea of a mermaid in the water.

Stamp of King George VI 1937

I think the above stamp is interesting. It quite different from American stamps, as many of them as just the American flag. The color green is also an interesting choice and I wonder why it was chosen when green is not on the British flag. I think the side profile is a good option and makes the king appear regal as he should. As well I wonder about Dulac’s choice to put the crown slightly above the king’s head rather than on it. Is it to show the monarchy itself, the image of it, is even above the king or was it just the way stamps were designed then?

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