Isabella Van Kalmthout- Final Reflection Blog Project

Over the course of the semester, I have learned just how important a role fairy tales play in human lives. Reading a variety of different classic tales has undoubtedly influenced the way that I see many other stories woven throughout history. These tales teach important life lessons such as keeping promises and not lying, while simultaneously promoting individuals to be kindhearted and true to those around them. These lessons are what help formulate the basis for a child’s understanding of the real world, and allow them to face challenges head on with knowledge as to how to handle certain situations. Fairy tales promote imagination and creativity in children just as frequently as they do for adults. They provide a momentary escape from reality.

Personally, I was surprised how certain tales were designed for different types of audiences. For instance how one tale may be designed with the intention of being read to children, meanwhile others may be formulated to be more appropriate for older audiences. On top of this, I was surprised by the sheer amount of variations there may be for one tale. I had known that stories like Beauty and the Beast was retold on multiple occasions. Yet, I had no idea that the original traces back to ancient Greece, with the myth of Cupid and Psyche. After learning this I wish that we had more time to cover the original history of more tales and see just how far back certain stories date. I would think that this is something to consider when teaching the next class. Maybe it could be possible to include a much more contemporary story as well, one which may not be a retelling, but holds many of the same themes and elements as an original.

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