Kingdom of Kindness by Maddy and Paige

Once upon a time, Princess Mabel is trapped in her castle shunned away from the outside world by her new mother-in-law Witch Nancy. Princess Mabel is considered to be the most hideous maiden as she was cursed by Witch Nancy. As she grew up Princess Mabel had the kindest soul and was admired by everyone in the land. As beautiful as she was on the inside, her beauty on the outside was just as praised. Every man in the land wanted Princess Mabel for their own – but she was arranged to marry Prince Liam who she was madly in love with. However, Witch Nancy did not like the attention given to Princess Mabel and spread rumors of possible affairs between Mabel and other men in the kingdom. With this, Witch Nancy cursed Mabel, taking away all her outside beauty leaving her soul untouched. She grew horns and her beautiful blonde hair turned grey. Warts covered her face and her nails were filthy black. Princess Mabel’s new appearance convinced the town that the rumors of her affair were true, leading Witch Nancy to lock her away in a tower despite her pleas of innocence. Knowing her true colors, Prince Liam set out to save his princess. Witch Nancy did everything in her power to keep the two apart. She turned herself into a dragon to guard the tower Princess Mabel was trapped in. Prince Liam journeyed through the land to find this tower and rescue his princess. After battling Witch Nancy’s sea of mini fire breathing dragons he was victorious and was set to face the biggest dragon of them all – his mother. Prince Liam’s initial instinct was to fight and destroy his mom, but when he saw his princess peering out of the small window in the tower, he decided to be kind and try and reason with his mom. He bravely confronted his mom without his weapon causing her to revert back into her original form. He demands his Princess be free and she goes in front of the land and confesses to the rumors she spread. Prince Liam darts up the stairs to retrieve his Princess. With that Witch Nancy is gone and two begin to make their way to the village. As they enter the village Princess Mabel reverts back into her original form just as they see Witch Nancy exit at the other end of the village. With that, the two ask a group of gathered people what had went on. The Baker turned to the pair and explained “Witch Nancy delivered a speech about how she was wrong and how she wrongfully accused Mabel of affairs. Her actions of anger and misery were only from her feelings of not being able to express kindness like Mabel and until she can change herself she is leaving the land.” Princess Mabel and Prince Liam are able to live happily ever after in their Kingdom of Kindness and they hope Witch Nance will return one day to be a part of their kingdom.

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