Little Red Riding hood: contemporary connections.

“little Red Riding Hood” is a story that has been passed down to many generations because of its timeless message. some may think of the tale as being a warning for young girls to be careful of predators. I feel it can also relate to all children, as an appeal to their morals: the very clear “don’t stray from the path” message can be interpreted by the readers to always do the right thing and never to stray from your morals. I think that message is universal to the times. I believe Little red riding hood herself is a relatable character to kids in any time period. she’s a girl who s naïve to the bad parts of society, which all young children start out that way. She’s just a kid who loves her grandmother and wants to please her mom. She is a normal girl, she doesn’t have a fairy godmother or an evil step parent, she wasn’t abandoned or have any superpowers or magic she’s just a girl. This is why this story works in contemporary society.

Little Red Riding Hood by the Korean artist : Cha Zeeun

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