Little Red Riding Hood in Contemporary Society

The story of “Little Red Riding Hood” is one that is still prevalent today. In the tale, the wolf deceives the grandmother by pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood. The grandmother, thinking her granddaughter is at the door, quickly invites him in. The wolf knows that the grandmother will invite Little Red Riding Hood in, so he uses the grandmother’s caring nature for her grandchild to his advantage. This type of occurrence still happens in society today. For example, scam phone callers. Unfortunately, scammers try to deceive grandparents over the phone by pretending to be their grandchildren in need of help. They take advantage of the grandparents’ caring nature by acting as though their grandchild is in an emergency and is in desperate need of money. Some grandparents are victims of this scam, like the grandmother in the story, because their first thought is to do whatever they can to help their grandchild.

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