Madi Y, Alexa A, Gianna D– Phoebe and Reginald

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there was an older lady named Gertrude. Gertrude always cared for animals because they were her only friends. One day, she finds a little lizard whom she raises as a mighty dragon. One day, Gertrude realizes the power and horror the dragon holds and uses this to her advantage. The now witch, takes over the kingdom and uses her dragon to control the people. A fierce warrior princess, Phoebe, sits in her library when she hears the dragon walking by with screams down below. She notices the yellow eyes of the dragon, and realizes his soul is aflame. Phoebe takes the fire hose and jumps out of the window, taming the dragon, who she then names Reginald. Together, they kill the witch and they become a dynamic duo to rule the Kingdom of Santo Jose in harmony with its people.

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