Maxfield Parrish

Maxfield Parrish was an American painter and illustrator born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1870. After studying art at both Haverford College and the Drexel Institute of Art, he eventually became the highest-paid commercial artist in the United States by the 1920s. He is best known for his intricately detailed, natural backgrounds and unusual colors.

The images below are some of Parrish’s famous fairytale pieces. The first is of Sleeping Beauty, who seems to be laying on the stairs while trapped under her sleeping spell. I like how the girls in front of her are depicted to be in distress because it represents how the people of the kingdom feel in the story when they lose their beloved princess. It is a very realistic painting and I love the contrast of the dark background with the lightness of the characters. The second image is of Cinderella, and it is again extremely realistic. I wouldn’t have pictured Cinderella to look exactly like this, as I imagine what I saw in the Disney movie when she is in her blue dress. However, the painting does bring her to life and gives her very human-like features, as many of Parrish’s paintings do. 

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