Modern Day Beauty and the Beast

Most commonly known as “Beauty and the Beast”, this classic fairy tale with many different versions has sparked inspiration for many other popular titles. One well known book and Broadway musical is “Phantom of the Opera”, which has a very similar plot line to the the classic plotline of “Beauty and the Beast”. Aside from inspiring many famous works, “Beauty and the Beast” also plays into modern day beauty standards, especially in the media. The beast is portrayed as ugly, and is cursed. He needs to find a girl to kiss him to break the curse, and most women would not fall in love with him, even with knowing about the curse. This leads into modern day beauty standards, and how people and quick to judge solely on by a person’s physical appearance. By today’s standards, people are supposed to look a certain way and be a certain size. Belle challenges these ideas by giving Beast a chance, and he turns out to be a handsome prince, and lives a happy life in the end.

Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s version of “Beauty and the Beast”

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