Once upon a time…

Many fairy tales capture our attention as they begin with “Once upon a time…”  We settle back and prepare ourselves to take a journey into another place and time.  And so… what journey will you take?  Use this image to prompt a fairy tale.

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  1. aalaimo2 says:

    Madi Y, Alexa A, Gianna D

    A witch takes over the kingdom and uses her dragon to control the people. This one girl, Phoebe, is trying to escape and help the citizens escape, but she gets stuck in the library. She notices the yellow eyes of the dragon, and realizes his soul is aflame. Phoebe takes the fire hose and jumps out of the window, taming the dragon, who she then names Reginald. Together, they kill the witch and they become a dynamic duo to rule the Kingdom of Santo Jose in harmony with its people

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