Our Box Story: The Story of a Clothespin and a Squirrel

By Maddy and Victoria

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who always held her long brown hair up with a clothespin. The pin was a gift from her step mother when she was a toddler to keep her hair out of her face so she could clean the house and it would not get in the way. When the princess was born her mother was turned to stone in an Enchanted forest. The reasoning from her step mother- since she was too young to remember herself- was that she was at a royal ball with her in-laws (the former king and queen) and dropped her golden spoon on the floor. There has been a myth that the statue of the mother is deep in the forest, but in all her free time the Princess goes into the forest, but has no luck finding her mother. Although she was clearly the most beautiful lady in all the land, the pin held her hair in a way that always made it look so dirty that no man ever noticed her. One day, while cleaning the oven after a Thanksgiving feast, a squirrel runs through the doors carrying a shimmering rock. The princess, intrigued by the squirrel, abandons her duties and follows the squirrel on what becomes a journey into the magical forest. Shortly after she enters, the forest has an energy she has never felt before. The squirrel leads her deep into the woods to a clearing she has never seen before. In the quiet of the forest she hears the most beautiful song being sung by the most ugly bird she has never heard before. She follows the tune which leads her to a statue. A statue of a woman sitting on a bench with devil horns and a spoon in her hand. Tears swarmed her eyes as she realized it was her mother. Then out of the blue of the sky, she was approached by a magical deer and then swarmed and thought she was being attacked by dragons. When they finally cleared she was wearing the most beautiful dress and her long, silky hair was in big curls down to her waist. As soon as the old clothespin hit the ground, the statue came alive and her mother was turned back to her original form and  immediately hugged her. Shortly after, a handsome, confused Prince comes running into the clearing and begins jumping for joy that the 10 year curse has been broken. He explains to the Princesses he was the squirrel that led her to the statue and her step mother put the curse on her mother and the future soul mate of the Princess so she could be the most beautiful maiden and ensure her throne and make sure the Princess would never be happy. The prince immediately pulls his most prized possession shell out of his pocket and proposes to the Princess. The mother, prince and princess are overfilled with joy. However, they can’t have their happily ever after until they get rid of the stepmother and the actual Queen can be reunited with her husband. They set back through the magical forest plotting how they can get rid of the “queen”. The stepmother sleeps on a pile of 20 mattresses to ensure no one including her husband can disturb her while she is getting her beauty sleep. Leading the ugly bird with the beautiful song back to the kingdom, the Prince uses the little magic he has left from his magical stone. They lead the stepmother out of the castle with the song of the bird and the Prince throws his magic rock at her turning her into a hideous fox. Embarrassed, she runs into the magical forest and is met by the magical deer and surrounded by the dragons, but this time there were no dresses and happy endings for the stepmother. 

Before the sun could even rise, the Queen raced through the castle doors into the arms of her loving King who was forced to remarry for the sake of the kingdom. The King had never seen a happier day. The love of his life was back and his daughter was set to marry the love of hers. And now they could all live happily ever after.

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