Hanna Falvey and Jadyn Barlow

I quickly shut the door behind me; completely winded from fleeing the king’s army, which was a seemingly easy task when compared to the dread I would feel if I was forced to leave my home. I looked around the room breathlessly, trying to take in all the familiarity that kept me sane my whole life. This was the room that I would escape reality from, but now reality  has become an escape from this room. I knew I didn’t have much time. I heard the heavy footsteps behind the door, with the orders of men being shouted at each other. I quickly looked to the window, where I saw a flash of vibrant red. I felt hope rise in me. I realized it’s her, coming to save me once more. I saw the massive head of her dragon peek through the window, and I knew what I had  to do. The door busted open to reveal the King’s army. I felt the arrows fly by my head as I ran towards the window.Without hesitation, I jumped through the window. Shards of glass flew everywhere, cutting any exposed skin I had. I was soaring through the air which felt like an eternity as I felt the familiar scales of the dragon. We landed swiftly on to the hill where she and I would go when we were children. It was bittersweet; it was now only her and I, however, our once beautiful and peaceful home was being destroyed by the tyrants set by her father. We looked at each other and I could tell what she was thinking: What now? We had always dreamed of being together and it was finally a reality. It wasn’t going to be easy living on the run, but we had each other, and that was all that mattered. 


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