The Dragon and the Books

Once upon a time there was a young, beautiful peasant who loved to read. She always locked herself away wherever there were books. One day she was reading her favorite story, and she saw a figure in her window. She was startled and looked up from her story, to see that nothing was there. She continued to read, but heard the noise once more. This time, she saw a huge fire breathing dragon right in front of her eyes. She jumped up, out of fear, throwing her story out the window. She heard the book hit the ground, and didn’t know what else to do. The dragon started to come through the window, and she had to decide what to do. She started to move the bookshelf in front of the window, but the dragon lit all the books on fire. She tried to run out of the room, but the door had been locked. She started to worry and let out a scream for somebody to hear. The dragon was coming in fast, and in that moment she saw her life flash before her eyes. Suddenly, she heard somebody coming up the stairs. As the dragon ran towards her, she banged on the door as loud as she could. Her evil stepmother swung open the door yelling at her peasant daughter for making so much noise. The dragon then blew fire through his mouth, killing her evil stepmother in an instant. This created more fear in the young peasant, she didn’t know what to do. Out of nowhere, she heard somebody reciting her favorite story from outside her window. The dragon was confused and looked to see where the noise was coming from. The young peasant ran over to the window, to see a young prince holding her storybook. She yelled for help, and the dragon started to go after the prince. She realized she needed to make a distraction, to save the prince’s life. She threw all of her books out of the window, on top of the dragon. This angered the dragon, and he grabbed the peasant girl out of the window, into his mouth. The prince whipped out his sword, stabbing the dragon in one quick swing. The dragon trips, dropping the peasant out of his mouth. The prince then takes his sword again and stabs the dragon in his heart. The dragon lets out one last roar, and falls to his death. The prince runs over to the girl, to see if she is okay. As soon as he walks over, their eyes meet, and he knows that he has never seen such a beautiful woman. He leans in and kisses her, and he feels it in his heart, that this is the woman he has been looking for. She thanks him for saving her life, and he promises to continue to do that for the rest of their lives. A few days later, they have a huge wedding, and live happily ever after, with many books.

Rebecca and Jeana

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