The Mermaid and the Knight- Alexa and Madi Y.

Once upon a time, in the middle of the Atlantic, there was a horrific shipwreck that occurred, washing up a young woman, dead on shore. Lucky for her, she landed on a magical beach where a pegasus named Rosette found her. In order to save the girl, she had to change her into a mermaid. She then named the young girl Celeste, after the starry night of which she was found. When Celeste wakes up, Rosette tells her of the accident, and Celeste is completely understanding and grateful for Rosette’s gesture. However, mermaids are no longer in existence because of an evil dragon who hunts them. Now that Celeste is a mermaid, she is sure that she is his next victim. The only way for Celeste to stay in human form and disguise herself is by a magic shell necklace found on the beach. 

Unlike the past inhabitants of this tower, Celeste is able to leave her tower in the company of Rosette, and they have a key hidden under the gazebo outside, right next to a single tulip in the ground which seems to never die. One day while at the market, Celeste catches the eye of a handsome knight named Sebastian. Rosette noticed the two exchanging some flirtatious glances. She encouraged Celeste to talk to the dashing knight and this is where our story heightens.

The two would have frequent meet-ups in the gazebo for months. One day, Celeste felt comfortable enough to reveal her secret to Sebastian. She led him to the water, where she was found a long time ago, Rosette monitoring them in the distance. Celeste slowly removes her shell necklace, and changes into a mermaid in front of Sebastian. Taken aback, Sebastian awes her beauty, but reveals that he works for the evil dragon. However, he assures her that his love for her is too strong, and that he knows how to defeat the dragon. Celeste puts her trust into Sebastian as he tells her that there is a magic fire stone that kills the dragon in an instant. The only problem is that no one knows where the location of this stone is. 

When Celeste changes back into a mermaid after putting the shell necklace on around her neck, the two of them head back to the gazebo to search for clues about the hidden stone. After weeks of searching, Celeste and Rosette sit in the gazebo while the sun’s rays beams through the trees. Celeste noticed that the tulip was glistening from the center as the sun penetrated the surface. She slowly approached the tulip and grabbed a smooth rock from the center, which was very hot to the touch. Her and Rosette immediately call for Sebastian, and he said that she uncovered the magical fire stone that they needed to defeat the dragon. 

They all needed to set up a trap. Celeste went down to the water and removed her shell necklace so the dragon could catch her scent. The dragon flew straight towards Celeste, when Rosette flew and knocked him out of the way. The dragon released a petrifying power, which hit Celeste and turned her into stone. Sebastian was heartbroken, and he ran to Celeste to save her. Rosette swooped down to Sebastian’s pocket and grabbed the fire stone. Its rays activated, blinding the dragon, and then penetrating his heart. Once the dragon fell dead, the stone broke off of Celeste’s body, and slowly dissolved in the water. Rosette flies down to the water and grabs Celeste’s body. She then carries her to the shore, where she found her many years ago. Sebastian runs to Celeste, and cries as he holds her in his arms. He leans in close to her, and he gives her a kiss. Celeste wakes up in his arms, happy to be alive again with her true love.

A few months later, the two got married, tulips as their bouquet. Rosette decided to turn Sebastian into a half mermaid, half human so he and Celeste could live in both worlds happily together and gifted them with matching, magical shell necklaces. Every other month, Celeste and Sebastian live under the sea to rule their kingdom, where hundreds of mermaids reside after coming out of hiding. The months where they are on land, Sebastian resumes his duties as night, and Celeste lives a modest life with Rosette and their four children.

And they all lived happily ever after…The End.


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