The Three Little Pigs in Modern Media

This British advertisement twists the tale of the Three Little Pigs in order to promote The Guardian which is a news outlet both online and in print. This ad promotes a new form of journalism in which social media plays a major role in following viral stories. In this ad, The Guardian brings the classic fairytale we know into the real world and modifies it, making the Three Little Pigs the subject of murder and controversy. I find it interesting how this ad depicts the impact of modern day media in a clever and humorous fashion. Rather than seeing the Pigs as the cold-blooded murderers they are, the media portrays them as the victims and blames big business for their actions. This ad is appealing due to the manipulation of a classic story we were told as children into this major murder case in a modern day setting. It won Britain’s “Ad of the Year” in 2012 and even “Best Crafted Commercial” at the British Arrow Craft Awards.

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