Trista Buck and Haley Kastendiech

Once upon a time there stood a grand castle perched on the top of a hill. Many people looked on the castle pitifully, however never approached for fear of a dragon that lurked not too far behind. The castle housed a beautiful lady of almost sixteen named Rose, and her father. Her mother had disappeared when she was only two, leaving everyone to wonder what happened and ultimately assume she was dead. The only thing Rose has from her mother is a necklace gifted to her for her second birthday. One day, her father set out on his weekly trip into town to buy supplies and treats in celebration for her sixteenth birthday. While he trekked through the forest passageway that led back home, he was stopped by a monstrous dragon with breathtaking golden eyes. In an attempt to spare his life, he tries to ignore the beast, avoiding eye contact until he no longer could. Without hesitation and with much eagerness, the dragon blocked his path, trapping him and causing them to accidently lock eyes. Those bright yellow eyes had cursed the father and caused him to lose memory of who he was as a person, as well as the life that he lived. Wondering what was taking her father so long, Rose went into her library where the largest windows overlooked the town and searched for her father. What she caught sight of was not what she was expecting. She examined a ferocious dragon who seemed to be determined on getting one thing as it slowly made its way towards the castle. However, the dragon felt defeated. Behind those golden eyes was Rose’s mother who was cursed to this body and isolated from her family. Fourteen years previous, she had ventured into a shop looking for a present for her daughter’s second birthday. She saw this gorgeous diamond necklace that she yearned to buy for her daughter. She asked the shop owner about it and she told her that this necklace was very special in ancient times and it held magic. After hearing the word “magic” and seeing the expensive price of the necklace, she decided to steal it because she could not afford such a treasure. After gifting the necklace to her daughter, the old shop owner found her heading back to town. Seething with anger, the woman told her how that necklace gave wealth to the one who wore it. However, because the mother stole it, she cursed her to a lifetime as a dragon for being greedy. She cannot look into the eyes of anyone, or they will lose their memory. However, in order to reverse the curse, she must get the necklace returned before Rose turns sixteen, or she will be stuck forever. After locking her daughter in the library of the palace, she is able to take the necklace off of the daughter’s neck. Rose was terrified, but was slightly confused when she realized that the dragon was not trying to harm her, but it seemed to want something from her, which was the necklace that her mom had gotten her for her birthday at the age of two. After getting the necklace back, the dragon runs to the shop owner who she had stolen the necklace from. Over the years, the mother has realized her family is more important than any necklace or wealth that was given to them. Upon returning the necklace, she would reverse the curse that she was in, regaining the father’s memory and finally coming home to her family. They lived happily ever after. The End.


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