Types of Fairies

tinkerbellWe all tend to think of Tinkerbell as the quintessential fairy but in fact there are many types and kinds.   Here is a list compiled by Nicole Canfield who has apparently done her research.

Alven, Ashrays, Avalon,  Ballybog, Banshee, Brownie, Changeling, Clurichaun, Devas, Dryad, Elf,  Gnomes,  Heather Pixie, Irish Sea Water Guardians, Kelpie, Lady of the Lake, Leprechaun, Merpeople, Nymphs Pixie, Salamander, Seelie Court, Selkie, Sprite, Will O’Wisp,  Unseelie Court.

Can you find definitions and images of these imaginary creatures?  Why so many?

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