Once upon a time, there was a collector, a well-educated man; he spent his younger years studying animals and the fish. This man was also fond of his business and money; he had a reputation to do anything for payment. One day on his path to work in the town, he crossed paths with the most mysterious man who offered him the most peculiar proposal: the two of them would exchange whatever was in their pockets at that very moments. Consequently they both disclosed what they had. The well-educated man became defensive, for he carried around bits of gold and silver at all times. On the other hand, the peasant had with him a small map. He said the map would lead the wealthy man to a castle in ruins. Being his usual, greedy self, the wealthy man consented to the exchange, with the prospects of uncovering a kingdom to which he could claim his own stake…

After their one run in, the pair never met again. The wealthier man, ambitious and eager, began his expedition into the murky forest in the east. While in the forest he meets three local folks; an owl, a lion, and a fairy. The owl helped him navigate the long winter nights, with the real paths covered in snow and leaves. When he was attacked by a platoon of flying squirrels, he hopped on the lions back, for he was the fastest in the forest. When he was at the edge of the forest all alone, he met a fairy, whom directed him towards the kingdom gates, yet warned… any man that has asked my assistance never returned to tell of the fortunes. The man was confused; did this mean that anyone who enters the kingdom enjoys its eternal riches, or did they reach a more pessimistic fate. He assessed how far he had traveled, and agreed to be allowed in.

Once entering the portal, the man found himself upon a castle; not a castle in ruins but one which seemed perfectly preserved. He was hungry and needed sustenance to recover after his vast journey. In a small patch of grass he found three eggs, a food which he commonly ate. However, when he noticed there was no light or fire to cook the food, he went in search of some. Inside a room full of books was a lantern with three candles. It was perfect, one candle to cook each egg. They would be ready in no time. However, this was no library but the lair of a giant dragon who had hoarded the books and maps from his victims. With one glance outside the window, the dragon emerged and the man knew these were the dragons eggs. It only took a moment but the dragon burst through the window to eat the man… And the young dragons hatched to grow up and live happily ever after.

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