Creating our own Fairytales

By: Angelina F, Fiona, Julian, and Peyton

Once upon a time there a village where it was always springtime. In this village lived a little pig named Wilbur. This town was always green and prosperous and had a large and full treasury. Wilbur had left town to visit his chipmunk friends outside of town but now he’s on his way back home. On his way back home Wilbur looks up to the sky and notices a large blue ice dragon heading straight for his village. Wilbur was confused because he thought the dragon was banished long ago but, now he’s back and looking for vengeance. Wilbur runs as fast as he can but, the dragon was faster. By the time Wilbur had reached his village it was covered in snow and ice. An eternal winter has fallen over the village. The dragon had taken over the village and now is taking shelter with all the gold and riches in the treasury. Filled with fear, Wilbur turns around and rushes back through the forest. The lush green trees have become leafless and the snowy ground chilled Wilbur’s feet. While Wilbur was running a crow swooped down from a branch and asked Wilbur what the problem was. Between devastated squeals Wilbur explains the tragedy of what has happened to his village. “I shall help you restore your village to it former glory and banish the dragon for once and for all.” says the crow. “But, how?” inquires Wilbur “I’m not strong enough to defeat a dragon!” In that moment the crow flies off and Wilbur is alone once again. He sits silent in the forest, wondering how he could ever call this place home again. Wilbur sits in sorrow for what feels like eternity when the crow returns with something in his grasps. The crow tosses the object infront of Wilbur and he sees that it’s a spiked horseshoe crab shell. The crow then tells Wilbur “At dead of night, when the dragon is asleep, wear this shell so that you can blend in with the snow around you so that you can easily sneak into the treasury without anyone noticing you.” “Okay” said Wilbur “but, how am I supposed to slay the dragon, I’m only a wee little pig.” “Wee as you may be, you are much wiser than the dragon.” With that, the crow was gone and Wilbur started back on his journey towards the village, shell on his back. Wilbur braved the cold winds and ice and snuck his way through the snow and to the treasury door. Wilbur thought he would have time to come up with a plan as the dragon was asleeep but, when he entered the room the door slammed shut and the dragon was awoken by the noise. The dragon saw through Wilbur’s disguise and came right for him. Wilbur threw the shell of his back and began to run and dodge but, he didn’t have a lot of time because the dragon was much faster than him. Out of the corner of his eyes, Wilbur spotted a large floor to ceiling mirror and he darted towards it. When the dragon caught up he saw the pig’s reflection and in a moment of rage shot his ice breath toward Wilbur, thinking he had won. However, the dragon didn’t realize it was a mirror and the ice came right back toward him, freezing himself in the process. Wilbur was in disbelief! He had beat the dragon! As he celebrated, the village started to thaw and the crow appeared. “I did it Mr. Crow! I saved the village!” said Wilbur. The crow responded “As I always said.” In that moment the crow transformed. No longer was he a feather creature but, instead, a wise old wizard. “Thank you for freeing me from my curse Wilbur. As payment, you will rule this village.” The treasury morphed into a beautiful castle and the townspeople crowed Wilbur as King. Wilbur was a gracious and kind king who treated his village with respect and dignity. The wizard continued to serve Wilbur as his royal adviser and the dragon serves as Wilbur’s favorite ice sculpture to this day.

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  1. Timothy Sweeney says:

    Once upon a time.. in a land known as Holland there existed a strange yet beautiful creature by the name of Ambrosius. Ambrosius was like no other, a sacred white horse bearing the wings of an angel and the horn of a rhino. Ambrosius lived a life of peace and tranquility, facing no hardship, for the heavens had blessed her, but Ambrosius’ blessing was also her greatest grievance. Indeed, evil had entered the land in the form of a dragon, burning and slaughtering village after village on the sea shore, for somewhere along the coast was the dael, a magical stone that had secret powers locked within. Whoever could unlock the powers of this sacred stone would be master of the Earth. Satan wanted this power for himself, and Ambrosius felt determination in vanquishing Satan from her land. Full of pride, Ambrosius yelled at the dragon “dragon, leave this land in shame and peace, or face the wrath of my power, face the wrath of God through me!” The dragon mocked Ambrosius “Silly fowl, none is stronger than I, the devil himself, for you are nothing but a horse roaming the land without a mind of her own.” The dragon blew fire at Ambrosius, forcing her into the ocean, deep into the depths of the sea, as the dragon searched unopposed for the dael. All was lost.

    Or was it? Nora, mistress of the Wadden Sea, used the power of the shells of the sand to lift Ambrosius out of the sea. Her pride vanquished, Ambrosius laid on her bed of shells in the sea, weeping and moaning in misery. “Oh dear Nora” she groaned “for I am nothing, my belief in God did not save me”. Nora replied strongly “Your faith was in none other but yourself, not in God. God does not bless those with pride, but strikes them in wrath and anger, for there is a reason that the dragon thrust you into the sea. Take this key and find the dael, use its power to crush the devil, to send him back to the depths of hell. See the tulip, she will tell you the location of the dael, the magical stone.” Ambrosius took the key in her mouth, and flew off again, her pride destroyed, but her faith renewed, to stop Satan in his journey of danger. Ambrosius realized that her pride was her downfall, and not her faith, for the faithful can truly never be ridden with pride. Ambrosius prayed on her journey to the depths of the forest, seeing the beautiful tulip. Ambrosius asked the tulip “Oh dear tulip, do you know the location of the dael, for I need the power of this stone to expunge Satan from the land?” The tulip responded “Oh prideful Ambrosius, I cannot reveal this secret, for the prideful will not be saved. Faith in oneself is wrong, evil, but faith in God is what saves. Do you have faith in God, or yourself?” “Oh tulip” cried Ambrosius, “I have no pride, for the devil stole it in battle. All my blessings come from the Lord above, and not from myself; for He can take it so as fast as is given!” The tulip told Ambrosius that the dael was hidden in a secret tower, deep in the forest, placed there by the barbarians many generations ago. Ambrosius embarked again on her journey, thanking the tulip.

    Finally, after a fortnight, Ambrosius found the tower, the secret tower deep in Holland’s forest. The key flew out of Ambrosius’ snout, unlocking the stone door, sending it deep underground. Ambrosius ended the tower humbly, and saw the stone on an altar “Satan has not yet found the dael! Holland is saved!” Ambrosius swallowed the dael, preserving it in her heart. “I will only use this dael to glorify our Lord above, rather than myself. I repent, oh Lord, for my sinful pride, please forgive!” The evil dragon suddenly appeared out of the sky, roaring as loud as a thunderous sky. Ambrosius was caught in the claws of Satan, but she managed to wrestle free after a great struggle and crashed into a farmer’s barn. Satan and Ambrosius wrestled “I will gouge your heart out and eat it, you accursed horse!” “No!” screamed Ambrosius “God will save me and vanquish you to the depths of hell!” Ambrosius kicked the dragon and through the wall Satan went. The rotten structure came crashing down. “Aha!” said Satan in self glory, “You are the source of your own demise!”

    Struggling to breathe, Ambrosius breathed her last breath and died. Not a sign of life remained in her eyes, but the dael shone, it shined, it sang, and it captured the soul of Ambrosius, locking it back into her body in newfound might, and the powerful wings on her back broke through the ruined structure and gave Satan a fight! Ambrosius slammed her body into the dragon, killing him til he was dead, biting off his head, and placing it on top of a shed. And so appeared the beloved tulip, “Ambrosius, you have done it! You expelled the devil from our land!” “No”, replied the mere horse, “I am nothing without God, for God is why I have my power, ny beauty, and my strength. I am not one, but one of many, and I am the subject of God’s domain.” The tulip told Ambrosius to follow her, and led her to the belvedere on the other end. There, Ambrosius again professed her faith “Oh Lord, please forgive me for my pride, it was YOU that expelled Satan, working through me as your agent!” The tulip put her hands together in prayer, Ambrosius bowed her head, and Satan was dead.

  2. wcturgeon says:

    Another fantastic story.

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