Our Own Fairytale (In Class 11/9)

Another Rudolph Story…

Once upon a time there was a lonely deer grazing on a stranger’s delicious and luscious grass when all of a sudden a bear came out of the woods ready for his next meal. The bear wasted no time chasing the deer off of the property, galloping as fast as he could until he reached the end of the road – a dock over a menacing body of water. As the deer peered into the water, he saw a sparking trail of blue rocks and seashells and decided to take the plunge and disappear from his predator at last. He followed the trail along the seafloor to an underwater portal, as he realized that he was running out of time to outrun the angry bear. He lept through the portal, and fell through an endless whirlwind of colors as the sky eventually broke and he landed in a pile of white, fluffy snow. Once he recovered from his long journey, he saw in the distance a blinking red light. As he got closer, he realized the red light was coming from a cottage in the snowy woods. He looked down, and his own nose started to blink red as he approached closer and closer to the cottage. He heard rustling on the roof of the cottage, and then POOF! A big cloud of snow fell down on top of the deer’s head from a few squirrels playing a game of tag. As he shook off the snow, a key got caught in his antlers. Could this be the key to the cottage? A kind elf that was rummaging through the snow around the cottage looking for his lost key noticed that the key was stuck in the deer’s antlers. The elf thought that the deer would be perfect to pull his boss’ sleigh, and asked him if he would take the job. The deer agreed, and they went into the cottage together. Sitting in a big chair by the fireplace, a jolly man by the name of Santa Claus was anxiously waiting for their arrival. Santa and the deer came to an agreement that if he helped pull his sleigh to deliver presents, the deer would be reunited with the real world. He was given the name Rudolph, and he went down in history. 🎶

Jordan, Gabby, and Angelina V

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    A perfect fairy tale for Christmas. Be sure to share with your families.

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