Personal Fairy Tales

Tomas, Natalie, Annastasia, Brisa

There was a daughter who was left orphaned as a very young child. Her father left first and after some years her mother passed away drowning. The young girl was left no other option but to move in with her grandmother who had many secrets. 

One day the girl was visited by a deer and a raccoon and she surprisingly understood what they were saying even though they weren’t speaking English. They were telling her that her father needed help but the girl was left shocked and confused by this statement as she never even knew of her father’s existence. The animals explained to her that she was the key that her father needed to save her mother, but this left her even more confused as she knew her mother drowned and died, as that’s what she had been told. She asked why the animals came to tell her this instead of her father but they stayed silent. 

The only issue was, how was the girl going to be able to visit her father? She didn’t have shapeshifting oceanic powers like her dad did. 

The animals told her that her mother was reincarnated and stuck in a magical egg and only her daughter could help him get her out.

She found out the reason why her father didn’t personally visit her to ask for help and she learned that once her mother died, her father lost his ability to become his human version and travel to land. Her mother was the only human connection that her father needed to be able to travel to land.  

The reason the father left at such a young age was because he was tricked by someone that he would be able to gain powers to visit places no human could visit, he would be able to travel to the bottom of the ocean. He fell for this person’s trick and that is why the daughter never heard of him again. The girl learned that the person who tricked him was a person with many secrets. Her grandma. The grandma trapped him in his mystical form but told him that he had a power that he had to find inside himself to be able to go back to earth but once he found this power he would only be able to use it once. Once he learned his wife drowned he felt something inside him that was leading him to the top of the ocean, something he’s never been able to do before. He soared to the top on a magical shell and took his wife’s floating body from the top and dragged her back down with him. He could not bring her back to life in her human form but, he was able to use his little bit of power left to bring her mystical form out of her. He took his chance as anything was better than her being dead. 

Once the father learned his wife died he sacrificed his chance to go back to his human form by using the rest of his strength to reincarnate her. Now it was up to the daughter to save her mother. She left home one day to go on this journey the animals told her she was destined to go on. She traveled far and wide until she reached the ocean where the magical egg was kept hidden. She had no idea what to do but she remembered what the animals told her; follow your heart. That’s just what she did. 

Something inside her started glowing, she started changing and shapeshifting into a magical being just like her father once used to be able to do. She jumped into the water and swam using the magic to push her through the water and guide her down. She saw something glowing in the depths of this ocean. It was an egg shaped thing and that is when she knew what she had to do.

She somehow felt she did not have a lot of time left and she raced against all the odds. Not knowing what to do she leaned against the egg and started crying. The magic she had in her the whole entire time started shooting out all around and surrounded the egg and then propelled them both up out of the ocean. They soared through the sky in a ball of light until the egg reached the ground and cracked open. Her mom was alive! The same was she was when she left, and now the two could live a happier life. Now the daughter knows that all she has to do is follow her heart and the power to do anything is inside her.

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    What an amazing story!

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