Final Exam Post

Over the course of this semester, I have learned a lot about fairytales that I most definitely did not know beforehand. It is easy to see why fairytales matter in the world that we live in today, as well as centuries ago. Fairytales started out as oral tales that were told as a way to mention the societal problems that were seen many years ago, like the family relations or the importance of wealth. As time went on, we could see the importance that fairytales had on children as well. Fairytales were used as a way to relieve the stress of a children and to teach them moral lessons that went along with the tale. I think that the most important part of how these stories effect us is the concept that these tales are a way to fulfill our desires and address our fears directly. The way that these stories capture our attention is simply amazing and they live on for many years with new differing versions. Another amazing thing that I noticed throughout this course is the way that Disney had changed so many of these classic tales. I would have ever thought some of these stories would have been that different from the original. I think that seeing the differences of the Disney version compared to the original stories was the most interesting to me and maybe seeing one of the movies to directly compare it to the story could have been beneficial. However, the course still provided me with a lot more knowledge on the world of fairytales and I enjoyed learning and reading the material that was given.

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