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Use this image to create a fairy tale to share with others…  we will do this in class


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  1. Macy Gabbamonte says:

    Written by: Macy and Angelina
    Once upon a time, there was a queen and a princess who lived in a castle. One foggy night, the crown jewels were stolen, and the royal family offered a generous reward to whoever found their precious jewels. There was a woman who lived on the outskirts of the kingdom, who claimed to have found the missing crown. She was led into the castle, praised by the overjoyed and thankful queen, but the woman was not who she seemed. She held magical powers and used them for evil. With a flick of her scepter, she turned the queen into a menacing dragon, and stole the queen’s face for her own. The dragon queen, now distraught, breaks through the castle roof, and tries to find her daughter. Knowing the princess’ favorite place is the library, she begins her search there, only to find the evil lookalike already there. The dragon queen sees through the library window to find the witch holding a dagger behind her back, approaching the princess. In a frenzy, the dragon breaks through the window to save her, but the princess is afraid, unaware that the witch is not really her mother, thinking the dragon is attacking her. The witch stumbles back, the dagger falling for the princess to see. With a closer look into the dragon’s eyes, the princess realizes they are identical to her mother’s. This realization shows the strength of the bond between the mother and daughter, breaking the spell, and the castle guards come to take the witch away, allowing the royal family to live happily ever after.

  2. Timothy Sweeney says:

    Man’s domain over creation multiplies with his understanding of the natural sciences and the faculties of life. Indeed, this understanding not only grants him the ability to perform unholy acts, but in fact encourages him to. Dr. Bartholomew is subject to this same trait, this same impulse that infects man’s insatiable desire to control the world around him. If only he knew his creation would destroy, just as God’s creation obliterated paradise with the acquisition of knowledge via the consumption of the forbidden fruit.

    When playing with the fire of life, crossing over from science into forbidden alchemy, the doctor proceeded to generate life like he was God Himself, creating a dragon, an evil, monstrous beast. Indeed, Bartholomew believed this dragon would serve him; he believed he could control this dangerous beast. However, upon waking from its ethereal slumber, he became terrified of his creation, running from the child he had borne. If only he had known the destruction the evil that was his creation would unleash upon the people of God’s world.

    Seeking to slay his own child, a child he had borne not from love, not from fornication, but from greed, envy, from a desire to covet. Indeed, the doctor knew the library held a chamber of secrets that could slay this beast, something that every knight and noble warrior had failed to do in its trek across the countryside. Whilst engaging in his search, his quest for the liquidation of his own, he came eye to eye with his own creation, staring him down through the library’s ancient glass. Raw terror is known only to the beholder, and indeed, Bartholomew knew the terror of a thousand souls that fateful evening.

    – Timmy, Angelina, and Meghan

  3. Annastasia Jones says:

    The Chronicles of Shadowford by Annastasia J and Jordan G

    Long long ago in a far away land, there was a small village by the name of Shadowford. The people in this small village were known for their love of sorcery and the unknown. For centuries, this fascination aided the villagers in producing vast amounts of crops and other assorted goods, however one day Zaida, the town’s most powerful healer, decided to test the limits of her power using ancient candles known for their protective abilities. Little did she know that her curiosity would bring about the end to the town she swore to protect…

    On a hill on the outskirts of town there lay an ancient library, which held Zaida’s family’s secret spells they had passed down for centuries. Zaida erged the townsfolk to follow her here, hoping that her discoveries would lead the town into their new future. Zaida had been hinting at her experiments that should create candles used to ward off any foe that might pray upon them. As Zaida showed off her candles and began reciting the ancient incantation, the library began to shake. The townsfolk shuddered as they gazed upon the heinous creature before them. A dragon standing much taller than the building itself, the color of rust with hundreds of sharp teeth. Yellow eyes beamed into the room as the dragon broke through the window. The candles that were supposed to protect them, ultimately angered the dragon that had been sleeping for centuries. Out of pure rage the dragon tore apart the library, setting fire to all the scrolls Zaidia’s family had protected for centuries. The library was set aflame, townsfolk scrambled for a way out as the wooden beams fell over the pathway outside. As the fire died out, and the smoke cleared, it was unveiled that the almighty dragon had slain the whole town out of blind rage, and the library was nothing more than rubble. She lay, exhausted from the fight, and fell back asleep, hoping no one would find those candles again.

  4. Peyton Strack says:

    Once upon a time, there was a young boy who went to the library everyday with his mother. His mother always warned him to never enter the back of the library as it is forbidden. Every time the boy visited this library his curiosity grew greater and greater until one day, when his mother was not paying attention, he raced to the back of the library. He was instantly drawn in by one book in particular. It was a large glowing book sitting high upon a pedestal in front of a large stained-glass window. The boy raced over to it to open the book and in an instant the library around him grew older and when he looked up, he saw a large dragon peering through the window. The dragon crashes through the window and starts to chase the boy around the library destroying the shelves in the process. The boy sought small nooks to hide in and eventually saw an exit. He rushed out of the library into the forest and sought shelter in a nearby cave he found. Unbeknownst to the boy, this cave was occupied by an old wise man. The boy being scared and confused falls to the ground in tears as the old man approaches him. “That dragon has been terrorizing our small town for years, you know?” said the old man as the boy attempts to collect himself. “I want to go home!” exclaims the boy. “I know how you can get home but, it’s going to require a journey.” the boy listens to the old man eagerly “Anything to get home! What do I need to do?” “Well then,” said the old man “there is a sword housed high up in those mountains there, with the power of 4 you must ascend the steep and rocky mountains, cross the deep and treacherous swamps, and finally enter the cave and retrieve the sword! After this journey return here, slay the dragon and your wishes will finally come true! Beware though, many have tried, and none have returned!” The boy runs off, barely hearing the old man’s warning as he goes off on his brave journey. When the boy arrives at the base of the mountain, he sees a young knight sitting defeatedly on a tree stump. The boy approaches this blue knight and asks, “What’s the matter sir?” the blue night, full of sorrow responds, “I’m a failure! I’m not good enough to ascend this mountain! It’s too steep, I’m not good enough!” The boy grabbed the hands of this blue knight and said “Don’t give up! You’ll never accomplish anything if you give up before you start!” The boy then pulls the blue knight up and starts to drag him up the mountain. The blue knight, unable to think of any excuses, follows the young boy with admiration in his eyes. Although the trek was difficult, the boy and the blue knight perservered and reached the top of the slope. The two attempted to celebrate but were cut off by a voice telling them to pipe down. The boy and the blue knight followed this voice to see a golden knight sitting in front of a muddy swamp. Before the two even have the chance to introduce themselves the golden knight says “Don’t even try. It’s not possible to cross. I mean, even I couldn’t do it.” The boy looked out to the tame swamp and replied, “It’s a little dirty but, it’ll be a quick swim!” The boy then jumped into the swamp, splashing mud everywhere. The golden knight then screamed at the boy “Watch out you pest! You’re going to dirty my spotless armor!” The boy confused says “Sometimes you must get a little dirty doing what’s right, don’t you want to be a hero?” The golden knight, staring at this muddy boy and his knightly friend, has a realization. “I am a hero!” exclaims the golden knight and jumps into the swamp. The boy laughs as the three of them swim to the other side of the swamp, splashing mud and finishing the second leg of the quest. The three friends now continue into the dark cave that appeared when they arrived at the opposite side of the swamp. They walk through a long dark tunnel until they finally arrive at a large room with a sparkling sword trapped in the walls. However, their attention was taken not by the sword but by a crimson knight trapped beneath some rocks. “A little help here!” The knight exclaims and the trio rush to save him from the rocks. “I am the strongest and the fastest in the village so, surely, I assumed, my power would equal that of four men! Pride cometh before the fall, I suppose!” The boy grabs the hand of the crimson knight and hoists him up. “Who’s ready to claim that sword and slay the dragon” inquires the crimson knight. The four of them rush to the sword and when all their hands are on it, yank it from the wall in all its glory. “Well then, surely the one who got here first should be the one to wield it” suggests the crimson knight. “Of course not! It should be I! The most skilled of them all!” exclaimed the golden knight. “No!” yelled the blue knight “Don’t you all agree that the one to wield it should be the one got us all here in the first place?” All the knights look at the boy and then back at each other before handing the sword to the boy. “Now how about we go slay a dragon?” says the blue knight as they all head off on the journey back. The quartet arrives back at the village to see the dragon perched atop the church and immediately runs out to the town plaza, ready to fight. The dragon flies down and in an instant breathes fire down upon the valiant knights. However, the golden knight steps out in front, taking most of the blow and scorching his perfect golden armor. “It’s okay. Friends are worth the sacrifice” he says as he faints to the ground. Now the trio runs up to face the dragon. “I’ll stay up here and distract him; you guys get to the back!” yells the blue knight before the boy can object the blue knight says “It’s okay. I’m not afraid anymore.” and runs off to face the dragon. The boy and the crimson knight manage to sneak off behind the dragon. “Only one of us can get up there, kid and I think it should be you…” The crimson knight steps back and tosses the boy up on top of the dragon’s back. “There’s no I in team” says the crimson knight before running off to help the blue knight. The boy takes the sword, sneaks up the dragon’s back and with a swift slice, off comes the head of the dragon. He has no time to celebrate though because he starts to feel nauseous. The boy faints falling off the dragon. The crimson knight catches the boy with all three nights screaming for him to wake up. The boy barely hears any of it as he drifts to sleep… The boy suddenly wakes up and scrambles to his feet, however, the scenery has changed. No longer is he a valiant knight but instead a regular kid again. He walks out of the forbidden section of the library again only for his mother to come snatch him up and scold him for what he did. As they walk out of the library something catches his eye. An old man sitting outside the library. The old man winks at the boy before slowly disappearing into thin air. The boy smiles as he turns back to his mother, now listening intently, just waiting for the opportunity to speak of all the fun he had.

    -Ryan and Peyton!

  5. Gianna Oliveri says:

    Once upon a time, there was an ancient book that held the secrets of the world and an archaeologist made it his whole life goal to find this book and discover its secrets. The book was hidden deep in the basement of an old ancient library that has been around for centuries. He was using the directions from a map he acquired from his ancestors and followed the path to the library. After weeks of searching this library, he grabbed a particularly old-looking book. After pulling on it he heard a click and a loud screeching noise. The book he grabbed revealed a secret pathway, unable to contain his curiosity he followed the path to the end.
    When he reached it there stood the book up on a pedestal. He opened up the book to read it and as soon as the cover was cracked, light swarmed the room and swirled around him, eventually, this light source was so powerful it lifted him off his feet and there was a loud bang. He was then transformed into a dragon and forced to guard the library and the book until someone else was greedy enough to steal it and reveal its secrets, therefore swapping roles with him to set him completely free.
    Many years later two new explorers heard this legend about the ancient book that held all these secrets and would end up on the same path as the previous archeologist. They fought the dragon to try and get to the book. After defeating him, the dragon turned back into the archeologist, who warned the pair to not open the book as they had a horrible fate ahead of them. One of the pair refused to turn away from the book, acting too greedy, and went to get the book. The other two slipped away not wanting to get caught in the spell. The greedy one opens the book and then follows the same fate as the archeologist, waiting to get set free by the next greedy explorers looking for the ancient book wanting to know the secrets of the world.
    -Gianna and Nolan

  6. Natalie Chudecki says:

    Once upon a time, a magnificent library stood on a hilltop. It was called the Library of Eden. Rumors filled the streets that this library held the knowledge of how to achieve godhood. As the town beneath the library was covered in poverty many people started believing in these stories and turning away from the church. They raced to the library studying and trying to get ahold of this power, their thoughts started filling up with greed. God looked down on what were once His children and His heart started aching from all of the deception. So God sent a prophet down from Heaven to the library to control the situation. He said that God disapproves of them challenging Him. They didn’t respect the wishes as they believed that God didn’t hold the power He used to have. They believed they could become like Him. God then sent a disguised Seraphim. It entered the Library and opened one of these accursed books. It became filled with wrath, and melted it in its hands. It revealed its true form and scorned the cultish librarians for their heresy. The townsmen demanded it leave because they believed they could become the rules of the world. Soon after, the books started leaking water. God started a flood from his anger of the people’s disobedience. So much so that the library has flooded. Unfortunately, the damages were not major. The books were able to be saved…
    Then the dragon came, that God sent down. He burned the library down to the ground with a fire that lasted 3 days and left nothing standing. After the fires were extinguished, everyone had forgotten what stood on that hill. Their memories whipped forever. There was no hill to even prove this ever happened. Not a single piece of ruin lay there. Only a single story written by the dragon’s fire on the ground where the library stood.
    – Natalie & Tomas

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